Podatkovni centar Križ se pozicionirao kao lider na regionalnom tržištu podatkovnih centara. Naš tim stručnjaka razvio je jedan od naj kompleksnijih sustava podatkovnih centara. Cilj tako kompleksnog dizajna postrojenja je dati visoko raspoloživu, kvalitetnu, sigurnu i prilagodljivu uslugu našim korisnicima. Osnovni tipovi usluga koje se mogu dodatno prilagođavati ili međusobno kombinirati.

Private Cage

  • Customer equipment collocation can be on the cabinet (rack) level, up to smaller parts such as individual Units. Podatkovni centar Križ data center can under certain conditions, provide card access control to whole, half or 1/3 of closets, as well as a model is viable which measures actual consumption on cabinets level.
  • Offer for collocation includes rental of meters per square, rental of reserved IT power (with full infrastructure),  minimum of 0.88 kW/m2, the index of real consumption, possibility of renting rack, possibility of locking closets and / or implementation of card access control, and optical connections to the location of the user in Zagreb or elsewhere.
  • Common infrastructure maintenance services are charged to all owners od data center space by power consumption and leased power, while maintaining for  customer is included in the price
  • For users who rent 50m2 or more of white space, Podatkovni centar Križ data center can provide access to the SCADA system where the user and NOC Podatkovni centar Križ data center monitor temperature, humidity, access control, video surveillance, sensors, real consumption of energy and other parts of infrastructure and  their own equipment, as they are in their own data center. Card access control in rented space of data center is in the sole domain of the user. Podatkovni centar Križ  employees perform infrastructure  maintenance services, and serve as a hands-on-site in case of need for any user for intervention into the space or equipment.
  • Price of larger rented space is defined by several parameters: rental of square meter, rental of reserved IT power (with full infrastructure) in the minimum amount of 0.88 kW/m2, the index of real consumption, the need for maintenance, rental of office space for the undisturbed operation of the beneficiary employees and Business Continuity needs.
  • Common infrastructure maintenance services are charged to all owners of the data center space by electricity consumption and leased power.