Monthly rental of virtual infrastructure through model of resources that can be administrated by the user himself. Podatkovni centar Križ data center as supplier needs only client’s input related to desired elements of infrastructure (such as vCPU, vRAM, disk space, operatonal system, type of link and similar) and prepares for customer infrastructure as resource pool that is being used through one or more server instances (VPSes).

Podatkovni centar Križ data center offers to its customers on infrastructure that is virtualized by VMware or HyperV technology and for the purpose of data backup we use VEEAM.

Monthly rental of virtual infrastructure customer saecures quality and flexibble infrastructure with zero CAPEX investment and uses resources pool as primary location and/or disaster recovery while entrusting his/her data to specialized company that maintains data centers that provides realiability and high SLA.

In that way using services of virtual infrastructure customers can relocate all resources for core business purposes and outsource all the other IT activities such as e-mail system, storage, offsite backup etc. In form of monthly bills same as telecommunication ones without any need to invest in infrastructure.